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The Most Reliable Roswell Tow Truck Company

At Atlanta Towing, we’ve been helping the 87,000 residents of Roswell with reliable Roswell towing for more than 20 years. No other Roswell tow truck company can match the speed of our response times, and no one else offers the friendly service of our family-owned company.

Just one toll-free call to 1-888-9-ATL-TOW, and you can rest easy because a tow truck is on its way. It doesn’t matter where in Roswell your car or truck is located, you can get our low rate of just $65* for the entire Roswell towing. No other Roswell tow truck company offers a rate that good.

Roswell Towing Service Area

No matter where in Roswell you are, Atlanta Towing’s Roswell towing service can come help you. We cover all 38 square miles of Roswell land, including State Routes 9, 92, 120, 140, and 400. From Roswell Plaza Shopping Center to the Roswell Presbyterian Church and beyond, no Roswell tow truck company has you covered like Atlanta Towing.

What To Do While You’re Waiting For Towing In Roswell

When you call us for Roswell towing, you won’t be waiting long – but during that wait, you need to ensure that you’re taking precautions. If you become stranded on one of our bigger roads like State Routes 120 or 9, you should get your car off the roadway. Pull onto a side street if possible, or into a parking lot until our Roswell towing truck can reach you.

If you’ve become stranded while visiting an attraction like the Georgia Ensemble Theatre or Teaching Museum North, you should stay in the attraction area until our Roswell tow truck company can reach you. Particularly if it is late at night, you should ensure that you are staying in well lit areas just for safety. If our Roswell tow truck company needs to come through a gated area, make sure we have any gate codes and your cell phone number, so that our Roswell tow truck company’s driver can get to you and your car.

When it comes to choosing the best Roswell tow truck company, Atlanta Towing always comes out on top. We’re the only Roswell towing company that lets you tow for just a $65* flat rate! Call us toll free now at 1-888-9-ATL-TOW; we’ve got operators standing by!

*Price is according to terms & conditions

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The Fastest Pickup in Atlanta
  My family and I drove down from North Carolina to see Atlanta. Our car didn't like the long drive, and we broke down right in the middle of the Georgia Tech campus. A helpful Georgia Tech parent suggested Atlanta Towing, and boy were we pleased! Their fast service got us back on the road so we could enjoy our vacation.

Thomas and Jeanne, Chapel Hill, NC
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