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Your Best Doraville Towing Solution

For the last 20 years, Atlanta Towing has been providing fast, inexpensive Doraville towing for the 10,000 residents and guests of Doraville. As a family owned Doraville tow truck company, we’ve never sacrificed our standards for quality or friendly service, leading us to become the favorite Doraville towing service in this close-knit town.

All it takes is a phone call! Dial 1-888-9-ATL-TOW, and our Doraville tow truck company will dispatch a driver immediately. With our service, it doesn’t matter where you broke down; it’s just 65* for all of our Doraville towing services. No other Doraville tow truck company offers a deal like that…none!

Your Doraville Tow Truck Company Everywhere In Town

Our Doraville towing service covers all 3.6 square miles of Doraville, Georgia, and serves the nearby interstates as well. From Pinetree Shopping Center to Flowers Park, Atlanta Towing can get you towed fast. It doesn’t matter where you’ve broken down, just give us a call and we’ll send our Doraville tow truck company to come get you.

Stay Safe While Waiting for Towing

If you need Doraville towing while visiting a shopping center or one of the many businesses along Buford Highway, be sure that you stay in a well lit area until our Doraville tow truck company arrives to tow your car. Although Doraville is safe, we want to ensure that you’re secure at all times. If in doubt, stay inside the store where you’ll have the added safety of staff and other shoppers.

For residents or visitors stranded along Buford Highway, New Peachtree Road, or larger highways like I-285, you should immediately try to get your car off the roadway. Although it might not be possible if your car is awaiting Doraville towing, move the car from traffic lanes at the very least. Ideally, you should pull off the road entirely and wait for our Doraville tow truck company in a parking lot or on a side street.

Our friendly service and fast response times ensure that our Doraville towing is second to none. Call Atlanta Towing, your neighborhood Doraville tow truck company, today, and get towing for just $65* anytime. Call us at 1-888-9-ATL-TOW, we’re standing by!

*Price is according to terms & conditions

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  After my car was in a minor accident, I needed to move it from one body shop to the other by the end of the day to make things easier for the insurance claims. Every other Atlanta towing company couldn't do it. Either they were too busy to bother with me, or they didn't have the right type of truck. When I called Atlanta Towing, they came right out and got my car moved. Thanks to them, my insurance experience was much less of a hassle.

Jon, Decatur
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