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A Local, Family Owned Decatur Tow Truck Company

Decatur, Georgia has a feeling all its own. Although technically a suburb of Atlanta, this northern town has plenty of unique venues like Eddie’s Attic and The Cookie Studio that you just can’t find elsewhere. Atlanta Towing has been serving this community for more than 20 years, providing the best Decatur towing for the lowest prices. We’re a family owned Decatur tow truck company, and we’re proud to maintain our family feeling in every aspect of our business.

Once you contact us for Decatur towing, you become part of our family and are treated as such. Call us at 770-837-8564, and our Decatur tow truck company will send a driver to tow you for just $65*. We’re the only Decatur tow truck company to offer a low flat rate for Decatur towing.

Our Decatur Towing Service Has You Covered Throughout The Town

Whether you’re stranded on College Ave, Arcadia Ave, or any one of the side streets of Decatur, Atlanta Towing Decatur tow truck company can reach you. We’ve helped people with Decatur towing throughout the city, from the Agnes Scott College campus all the way north to Glenlake Park. Although we are a Decatur tow truck company, our towing service extends elsewhere in DeKalb County as well. No matter where in Decatur’s 4.2 square mile area you are, we can find you and get you the Decatur towing service you need.

Tips For Safe Towing

Decatur is a uniquely close-knit town, but even the closest towns have to watch out for safety. If you’re waiting for Decatur towing at night, you should stay in a brightly lit area. If you are with children or alone, consider waiting inside a nearby store until our Decatur tow truck company driver has arrived. Simply give your cellphone number to our driver when you request assistance, and we can call you. If you’re getting Decatur towing from your home, be sure that you give any relevant gate codes to the driver so he can reach you. If you’ve broken down on a road, especially a busy highway, make sure you move your car out of traffic and preferably off the road entirely when you call our Decatur tow truck company.

Great Decatur towing is available now – just call Atlanta Towing Decatur tow truck company! 770-837-8564 gets you a low flat rate of just $65*. Call now!

*Price is according to terms & conditions

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  After my car was in a minor accident, I needed to move it from one body shop to the other by the end of the day to make things easier for the insurance claims. Every other Atlanta towing company couldn't do it. Either they were too busy to bother with me, or they didn't have the right type of truck. When I called Atlanta Towing, they came right out and got my car moved. Thanks to them, my insurance experience was much less of a hassle.

Jon, Decatur
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