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You need fast car towing services, and Atlanta Towing is ready to deliver. We’ve got staff standing by, just waiting to take your call. We are open 24/7, so never hesitate to call us for emergency towing service. Give us a call, and we’ll immediately ask you where you are, and what type of vehicle you need to tow. If it’s an emergency, we can dispatch a vehicle quickly, but we’ll be sure to get your phone number in case there are any problems like locked gates that require your assistance. If you live in a gated apartment complex, please let us know how to contact you and get the gate unlocked.

If you need to leave a message, or want to schedule towing for another time, let us know when and where you’ll want our tow truck in Atlanta to meet you. We’ll call you back quickly, giving you detailed information and confirming the day and time.

Don’t wait for emergency towing! Contact us today at 1-888-9-ATL-TOW! It’s toll free!

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  After my car was in a minor accident, I needed to move it from one body shop to the other by the end of the day to make things easier for the insurance claims. Every other Atlanta towing company couldn't do it. Either they were too busy to bother with me, or they didn't have the right type of truck. When I called Atlanta Towing, they came right out and got my car moved. Thanks to them, my insurance experience was much less of a hassle.

Jon, Decatur
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