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Atlanta Auto Towing

When you call us for towing service, there is some basic information we’ll need to know before we can reach you. First, we’ll need to know where you are inside of our service area. We offer emergency towing throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area, allowing us to reach you quickly. We also offer a great value, with $65*  flat rate towing available for most tow truck service. Start by giving us a call. Let us know where you are, and what kind of towing in Atlanta you require. Is your car completely disabled? Do you need towing service for a van or other large vehicle? Let us know these details in advance so that we can ensure we get the proper service faster.

Safe, Reliable Emergency Towing

We offer a number of different hookups suitable for virtually all towing in Atlanta. First, we offer large flatbed trucks capable of handling even fully disabled vehicles. We’re even able to provide towing service for larger vehicles like trucks and even other tow trucks. Our tow truck service has enough of each kind of truck that we’re able to provide fast emergency towing anywhere at any time.

Stay Secure While Waiting For Towing In Atlanta

After you’ve called us and let us know what kind of vehicle needs towing in Atlanta, where you are, and a phone number to reach you, you’ll want to wait a few minutes for our tow truck service to arrive. While waiting for emergency towing, it’s crucial that you keep yourself safe. If your car has broken down on the road, try to move it to the side while you await towing service. If you can, get it into a parking lot or side street so you’re not blocking traffic until emergency towing arrives.

If you are forced to stop in the middle of the road due to an accident or an extremely disabled vehicle, call the police. They can help you set up flares in the road to alert other motorists to the disabled vehicle waiting for towing in Atlanta, ensuring that everyone involved stays safe. Get yourself to a safe, well lit location and wait for our fast emergency towing to arrive.

Fast emergency towing is just a phone call away. Atlanta Towing is standing by with our tow truck service and $65* flat rate. Call 1-888-9-ATL-TOW today!

Why Atlanta Towing?
Fast Towing 24x7
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  Atlanta Towing has been my go-to company for the 20 years I've lived in Atlanta. They're always prompt, always polite, and they always give me a great value. I'd recommend this company to anyone – all my family uses Atlanta Towing. Keep up the great work!

Craig, Atlanta
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