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About Atlanta Towing

For years, Atlanta Towing has been the premiere Atlanta tow company in the city. We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic and always put our clients first. As part of that commitment to service, we developed our $65*  flat rate towing for the Atlanta metro area. We offer our clients service that other tow truck companies just can’t match at the lowest Atlanta tow rate in the metro area. We’re a family owned company, part of the Ordan family of customer services in Atlanta, GA. We’re one of the most award winning tow truck companies in Atlanta, and we’re among the most experienced tow truck companies offering towing in Atlanta Ga. In addition, we are a fully licensed and insured company for towing in Atlanta GA and all other services, so you know how strong our credentials are!

Towing In Atlanta, GA And More

Great Atlanta tow service is in our name, but we provide much more than just that. We offer roadside assistance, whereas other tow truck companies just won’t do. Call us for towing in Atlanta, GA, and you can also get tire repairs, a tire change, or a jump start. If you’re stuck but don’t need an Atlanta tow, make us your first call. Other tow truck companies will try to get you an Atlanta tow before they even ask about your needs. If we can save you time by getting your car back on the road fast without towing in Atlanta, GA, we’re happy to do it.

An Atlanta Tow For Every Vehicle

No matter what your vehicle of choice, we’ve got the experience with towing in Atlanta, GA to successfully move it. Whether you need a junk car removed, or a truck towed, we’re the right choice. Other tow truck companies just can’t match the skill of our staff. We maintain a full fleet of 45 Atlanta tow trucks, each one fully insured and well maintained. Our large fleet ensures that we’ve always got the proper vehicle for your needs, but isn’t so large that we lose touch with our customers. When you need an Atlanta tow, make us your first call. When you see our impressive service and friendly staff, you’ll be glad that you called us first.

Call Atlanta Towing today toll free at 1-888-9-ATL-TOW and ask about our $65* flat rate towing. We’re available 24/7!

Why Atlanta Towing?
Fast Towing 24x7
Friendly Service
Great Value
Unsurpassed Reliability
Experienced Technicians
Immediate Response
The Fastest Pickup in Atlanta
  My family and I drove down from North Carolina to see Atlanta. Our car didn't like the long drive, and we broke down right in the middle of the Georgia Tech campus. A helpful Georgia Tech parent suggested Atlanta Towing, and boy were we pleased! Their fast service got us back on the road so we could enjoy our vacation.

Thomas and Jeanne, Chapel Hill, NC
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